An introduction to our partnership

The Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery System started on 1st April 2024. The service is provided by Inclusion, a specialist service of Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT) in partnership with Staffordshire County Council.

The partnership was created to provide an integrated approach to drug and alcohol treatment services. Alongside partners BAC O’Connor, Betterway Recovery, and Chase Recovery we aim to enhance existing services for the people we serve.

The partnership is working towards integrating the drug and alcohol service with other commissioned services provided by the county council and MPFT. Our ambition to improve access and reduce duplication to services for people with drug and/or alcohol difficulties.

The partnership shares a vision to move away from services focussing primarily on treating addiction, to a system that focuses on the wider needs and aspirations of people with drug/alcohol problems. As the system matures we will consider, consult and co-produce the development of the services and system. Our aims are ambitious and will require new ways of approaching the design of services and pathways. Ensuring we include the full range of knowledge and expertise in doing this which includes all will be fundamental to reducing harm and enabling recovery for those we serve.