• Overall wellbeing involves the mind and the body – it’s not just about happiness Simply, it’s about feeling good and functioning well.

What is wellbeing?

Your well-being is a top priority for us, and we understand the strong connection between physical, mental health, and emotional wellbeing. To support your recovery journey effectively, we focus on treating you as a ‘whole’. From the initial interaction with STaRS, we work together to identify your individual needs using holistic approaches and assessment tools like the Outcomes Star. This personalised approach ensures a tailored recovery care plan designed specifically for you!

  • Good mental wellbeing does not mean that you never experience feelings or situations that you find difficult. But it does mean that you feel you have the resilience to cope when times are tougher than usual, which can help when in recovery.

We believe that simply prescribing substitute medication and detoxification is not enough on its own. Therefore, we provide a variety of other options to complement these treatments. Our comprehensive approach includes top-notch clinical treatment and detoxification, along with high-quality psychosocial support, leading to positive outcomes.

It’s important to be mindful of signs of physical health issues linked to specific mental health conditions and take proactive steps to maintain your well-being. There are numerous ways you can enhance your well-being, such as recognising warning signs and taking action to improve your health. Managing stress, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, as well as reducing unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, or using drugs, are all positive steps toward taking control of your physical health.

Feelings of happiness, confidence, enjoyment, and connection with the world are like the glitter on the cupcake of mental health. Believing in yourself and your dreams is key, along with surrounding yourself with positive vibes and good relationships. Remember, spreading joy not only brightens your world, but those around you too!