What can you expect from STaRS?

We have hubs in Tamworth, Burton, Cannock, Stafford, Newcastle and Leek and we also have a wide range of online support which can give access to high-quality support without even leaving your home. We know that the thought of using technology can be a little worrying for some, but please do not worry as we will talk you through each of the steps until you’re comfortable if online support is something you want to do.

We understand the difficulty and effort it takes to reach out and ask for help, and that is why we will do everything we can to support you to transition to a better, safer place.

We are led by Inclusion, which is part of  Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, and have strong and robust structures in place to ensure our services are safe, effective and respond to your needs. The way we work has been developed with people who use our services over many years.

We work with you and involve you in your own plans of care. This means we listen to you. It’s your life and we want to support you to live it in a way that makes you happy and safer.

Our Team

At STaRS we have an experienced and friendly team waiting to help you. Our team is made up of specialist staff with a range of knowledge, backgrounds and experience.

We ensure we meet your needs by providing high quality interventions in a timely manner pitched at the right level for you.

What support is available at STaRS?

STaRS provides a range of treatment services centred around high quality psychosocial interventions proven to work for anyone experiencing difficulties with drugs. We ensure we meet your needs by providing high quality interventions at the right time and right level for you.

Our teams provide the following: