There are lots of small steps you can take to aid you on your journey with us. We have a number of resources available with are educational, as well as some online programmes you can do without even leaving your house. SilverCloud programmes are computerised Cognitive Behaviouiral Therapy (cCBT) based and people that complete them tell us they have been helpful.

If you would like to see the programmes available for free visit the page (link below). There are also a range of leaflets you can download for more information on alcohol, drugs, harm reduction through to health and wellbeing. We want to give you the resources and tools to start taking positive action as soon as you can.

We have made it easy to refer yourself to us, so please use the link at the top of the page or below and complete the form so we can get in touch and support you as you start your journey.

On this page you will also find useful links of other organisations across Staffordshire and England where you can find out more information or access support. We will continue to grow this list as the months go by.

Useful organisations and support

  • Staffordshire Health App Finder

    Find trusted health apps here

    This is a useful website if you are looking for trusted health apps. It offers safe and effective apps for everyone, from managing stress and health conditions to supporting you to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals like achieving a healthy weight or quitting smoking.

  • Frank

    ‘Talk to Frank’ gives friendly, confidential advice on drugs. The site includes an A to Z list of substances, explains appearance and use of drugs and their effects, discusses health risks and the chances of getting hooked and UK law. It also includes information on peer pressure.

  • Narcotics Anonymous -

    Narcotics Anonymous provides information for those who think they may have a drug problem, addicts in recovery and professionals working with addicts.

  • Alcoholic Anonymous -

    AA is a self help group that supports abstinence from alcohol by following a 12 step recovery treatment program. National Helpline: Tel: 0845 769 7555

  • Help with finances

    Find useful tools for managing finances here

    If you’re struggling financially or concerned about the future, getting help early can make a big difference. Lots of support is available from many different organisations, click here to find information, advice, and support to help you manage cost of living pressures

  • OpenClinic Sexual Health Services

    Visit OpenClinic Website here

    OpenClinic is the sexual health service across Staffordshire. There is so much information on their website , it should have everything you need including clinic times and location.