Our primary early intervention program, Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS), is designed to support families experiencing significant difficulties related to a parent’s drug or alcohol use, that without the proper support could put their children at risk of harm.

We have 2 teams IFSS and IFSS Lite. Both teams work closely with families to help reduce the risks posed to children. IFSS team work with families with a more intensive level of support with sessions almost daily during the intervention stage. The IFSS Lite team still provide this crucial intervention and support for the intensity is not as high with weekly sessions.

The aim of the Intensive Family Support Service (and IFFS Lite) is to provide the much-needed support to assist parents with multiple needs reduce the potential harm to their children.  We do this in a variety of ways but we have a holistic family approach, with clear processes so everyone knows what to expect from the beginning. We are experienced in working with risks and supporting families to reduce this risk by encouraging and promoting skills and strengths that already exist within the family, and introducing with new skills and techniques for people to learn, with the end goal that this will bring about positive changes and reduce the risks to children.


Our objectives

  • Supporting families to reduce harm and stay together, whenever possible

  • Working together for the best outcomes for the whole family

  • Empowering parents to make positive changes